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Win a Smart Stove

The user who receives the most FREE faxes will stand a chance of Winning a Smart Stove.

It is free! All you need is a free fax number (from here), start receiving faxes at no cost to yourself, and stand a chance of winning!

Have a question about free fax? Click here to see our FAQ section!

Competitions ends 9 December 2016!

The prize:

Smartstove plus 1 cooking pot – Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction technology, heat is generated directly in the pot or pan, as opposed to being generated by electrical coils, flame or burning gas. Induction stove coils are made of copper wire to create a electromagnet. When an alternating electric current flows through the coil, it produces an oscillating magnetic field. This field induces an electric current in the cookware which in turn creates heat.


T&Cs apply and the supplier has the right to change the terms of the competition at their discretion.